Our program requires a high level of continuous engagement from our students aptly supported by team of Academicians, Student Relationship Managers and the Operations Staff. In fact, it is the vast diversity of experiences brought by our student cohort that makes the program unique.

Multiple Teaching methods

There are 3 steps of learning methodology that are integral to our programs:

  • Self-Learning through our Learning Management System that gives access to multi-format e-learning content
  • Faculty led Live training sessions. Webinars delivered on weekends to teach on key concepts and answer queries of students
  • Assignment and Project to gain real life cases and working in a corporate on an assignment for a min 8-10weeks. This inculcates hands on learning

Academic Flow

All enrolled students would need to follow a structured Academic and Evaluation sequence.

Program Structure:

Every program is divided into semesters each of 6 months. In every semester, the students are exposed to a mix of core, domain and domain tailored subjects. The students in their final semester are also required to submit a Dissertation / Project, guided by a University approved Guide from the Industry of their own domain of expertise.

Learning Content:

Self-study through various academic resources made available on the Learning Management System like Study Material, Video Lectures, Class notes/ PowerPoint Presentations, additional reading resources provided to the students.

Assignment and End Term Examination:

The students would also need to submit 2 Assignments for each subject being studied in the semester. The Semester culminates with the final Term End Examinations

Understanding of Important Points:


Each semester is of Duration of 6 months with the Sessions


The assignments are normally uploaded within the first week of the launch of any Semester. The assignments need to be accessed and submitted within the due date via the Learning Management System only. The access details for the Learning Management system is sent to the students post admission.

Term End Examinations:

The date-sheet of the all Term End examinations are uploaded on this Website about a month before any examination cycle.

Preparing for a rewarding Learning Experience

If you ever need extra support while you earn your degree, you can rely on our Student Support Team. Our team members are highly experienced and dedicated to making your experience both productive and rewarding. Our exceptional team of Program Coordinators and technical support staff will help you navigate your online learning environment.